Move (The Workout)

Want to shake up your workout, but feel tentative about fitness trends like P90X, Insanity, CrossFit, etc.? We’ve got something for ya!

This Summer, David Deaton Karate Studio is reinventing The Workout!

You’ll learn to move how nature intended; with Balance, Agility, and Power from a certified Black Belt instructor.

Combining group energy with personal training experience, Move (The Workout) features a naturally dynamic workout in a practical context.


You’ll increase;

  • Awareness of physical strength
  • Overall strength
  • Endurance in daily activities.

Move (The Workout) is perfect for anyone who enjoys an efficient, motivating, and enjoyable workout!

10:00 am10:00 am

[sws_green_box box_size=”536″] Don’t miss a special, FREE, introductory class! Thursday, June 20.[/sws_green_box]

Just starting out?
Learn the basics, Pressure-free.

Need a level-up?
Say hello to the limitless challenge of natural plyometrics.

So show your health some love this Summer. Bring your body and a friend!

Classes are $10 each or monthly for unlimited!

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Chelsie Guillemet

Chelsie Guillemet
Move Instructor

Chelsie Guillemet is a personal trainer, student of movement, and martial artist with nearly 20 years of technical movement experience in martial arts and 4 years teaching. She arrived at the idea of a practical movement-based class in 2011, after overwhelming realizations that today’s humans have all but lost the full extent of their physical capabilities. She aims to help others tune into their bodies and find what works for them in the grander goal of food-fitness-family balance.[/sws_blue_box]