Spring Inter-School Competition

Join us for the David Deaton Karate Studios Spring Inter-School Competition! This annual event, taking place on Saturday, March 23, is not just a competition, but a celebration of resilience, camaraderie, and the joy of martial arts.

All Schools Are Closed For This Tournament


We believe in the power of this tournament to:

  • Teach our students valuable life skills, such as managing stress and pressure in a competitive yet supportive environment.
  • Nurture a sense of community and fun, as students bond with their peers over shared challenges and triumphs.
  • Support Project Sparrow, assisting families in need with tuition, through the funds raised.

For more details on the tournament’s events and to address any queries, feel free to visit the front desk or drop us an email.

Registration is Now Open!


Entry Fee Information

Entry fee is $50 (BBC $45)

Cash or Check Only (No Credit and Debit Cards).

Schedule of Events

All ages will follow the times stated below.
Please note: Only competitors and officials are allowed in the competition area. We kindly ask spectators to remain in the designated seating areas.

Little Dragons Competition Times

8:30Dragons - White - Jr. Orange
9:15Dragons - Orange - Green
10:30Dragons - Jr. Brown - Brown
12:00Dragons – Youth Black

Children, Teens, and Adult Competition Times

8:30Children & Teens - 6 to 17 - White & Gold
9:15Children - 6 to 11 - Orange & Blue
10:30Children - 6 to 11 - Purple – Green
10:30Teens - 12 - 17 - Orange - Green
12:00Children & Teens - 6 to 17 - Brown & Black
2:00All Adults
David Deaton Karate Spring 2024 Tournament Schedule

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