Karate Student Resources

It may take a village to raise a child but it takes a Dojo to raise a karate kid. And along with it, the highest quality karate instructors, a caring staff, a safe training environment, and a wealth of karate student resources.

At Deaton Karate Studio, Mount Juliet, our goal is to provide parents and students with as much information and guidance as possible in order to give you a smooth and enjoyable journey to becoming a Wado Ryu karate black belt.

We also recognize that karate training shouldn’t be limited to the dojo. Students are encouraged to practice what they learn in class, at home, everyday. To that end, we’ve created this student resources section. Whether it’s to practice blocking techniques, striking techniques, karate kicks, stances, or their student creeds, this website is here to help you.

Although we’ll be adding more information to the site on an on-going basis, we would love to have your feedback and suggestion for what type of information will help you. So please contact us with your thoughts.

Thank you.