Little Dragons

Karate Classes for Kids (Ages 4-6)

One of the most common questions we hear at David Deaton Karate is, “How young can a child be to start learning karate?”

The short answer is, children as young as four years old can start learning karate in our Little Dragons karate program.

That said, we have a qualifying process that every child goes through to ensure they are ready to go through our program. And although we will do everything we can to ensure they qualify, the truth is, some children aren’t always ready.

Benefits of Karate for Kids

Hand-eye coordination
Hand-eye coordination is important in your child’s early development. Karate provides plenty of opportunities to improve fine motor skills through techniques. obstacles, drills and challenges.

Kids experience partner and team-oriented situations in class that helps develop strong communication skills.

Speed, Agility, and Balance
Speed, agility, and balance gives your child better body awareness and coordination. Also improves plyometrics, core strength, and fitness.

Your child will be able to practice their listening skills to develop better self-control, discipline, and values.

Memory Focus
Learning Karate sharpens memory, focus, and retention skills. It also keeps kids mentally engaged.

Goal Setting
Goal setting is an important skill for all kids to learn. Martial arts teaches both short- and long-term goal setting in a fun and positive environment.

Parents have told us they have seen an immediate improvement in self-control, discipline, and respect.

Our Little Dragons Karate Program

We are looking for progress in three major areas;

1. Wado-Ryu
The art of self-defense (blocking, kicking, punching, and self-defense techniques)

2. Physicality
Physical strength, flexibility, and hand/eye coordination

3. Intangibles
The third area is the intangibles; respect, discipline, self-control, self-confidence, and self-esteem. All of the things you can’t quite put your thumb on but are valuable for creating the citizens for the future.

Because children develop at different speeds, the benefits vary based on what stage of life they’re in.

For example, some four-year-old children are natural athletes, while others have never done anything athletic. Some are afraid of their shadow, and others are ready to conquer the world!

So self-confidence may not be difficult for some but it may be for others. The same is true for self-esteem. This is why we focus on all three areas, all the time.

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