Kiso Kumite

The kiso kumite katas as practiced within the Wado Ryu system (generally the U.S.E.W.K. Federation) were developed by Sensei Cecil Patterson in 1963.

General Kiso Kumite Kata Rules

1. The right foot moves first for both, attacker and defender.

2. All kicks are done with the back foot, to the belt knot.

3. The attacker never steps or sets back.

4. The attacker either steps or kicks, never both, at the beginning of every move.

5. The defender steps back at the beginning of every move.

6. All blocks are made with the front hand.

7. In every move the back hand when not doing something else (as specified) is in hikite (pulled back).

8. From the fifth move on, all moves, attacking and defending, are done from a front stance, and the hands always end in kame (ready position of the hands).

9. When working with a partner, the attacker leaves the technique out until it has been blocked and the counter has been thrown, if a counter is to be made.

10. Always maintain eye contact with your opponent.

The two portions of the Kiso Kumite Kata are;
1. Torre (Attacker)
2. Uke (Defender)