Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club is comprised of active Black Belts and those qualified students who have set their goal to be a Black Belt.

Black Belt Club Qualifications

To qualify a student must be a gold belt or above and have their instructor’s approval before membership is granted.

How To Get Approval From Your Instructor

David Deaton Black Bet ClubAfter a student qualifies to enroll in our school then the instructor is evaluating each student in several areas:

  • Attendance and making up all absences when they occur.
  • Taking belt reviews when scheduled.
  • Making good grades on all belt reviews.
  • Maintaining a B average in all academics.
  • Demonstrates a high interest in Karate.
  • Demonstrates good attitude in class, at home and toward others.
  • Has good reports on conduct and attitude from parents & teachers. Supports school functions.
  • Referring and sponsoring a new student.
  • Is practicing goal setting and has set a long term goal to be a Black Belt.
  • Is current with tuition payments.
  • Has full support from parents.

Black Belt Club Benefits

The basic benefits of the Black Belt Club are:

  • Positive reinforcement of reaching goals and maintaining good conduct & attitudes.
  • Recognized as an elite group within the school.
  • Provided with in-depth training along with special classes and seminars and social activities outside the school.
  • Best tuition rates with maximum discounts.
  • Uniform patch, customized Black Belt Club Belt.
  • Competition Team Eligibility.
  • Demo Team Eligibility.
  • SWAT Team Eligibility.
  • Special Black Belt Club discounts on all Karate supplies & activities.
  • Special private training when needed.