Wado Ryu Stances

Dachi (also seen spelled Tachi) is the Japanese word for “Stance”.

Video demonstration

All references to angle refer to your attack line center, and the body unless otherwise stated is straight up.

  • Chinto Dachi (stance used in the Chinto kata)
  • Gyaka Shomen Neko Ashi Dachi (reverse front facing cat leg stance)
  • Gyakazuki Dachi (reverse punch stance)
  • Hachiji Dachi (ready stance -shazentai stance)
  • Heiko Dachi (parallel stance)
  • Heisoku Dachi (shazentai stance with feet together at heels and toes)
  • Junzuki Dachi (front punch stance)
  • Junzuki No Tsukomi Dachi (Hanmi Dachi) (lunge punch stance)
  • Kokutso Dachi (reverse lunge punch stance)
  • Kiba Dachi (horse stance)
  • Mahamni Neko Ashi Dachi (side facing cat leg stance)
  • Masuba Dachi (attention stance)
  • Naihanchi Dachi (stance used in the Naihanchi kata)
  • Sagi Ashi Dachi (crane stance)
  • Seisan Dachi
  • Shiko Dachi (four point stance)
  • Shomen Neko Ashi Dachi (front facing cat leg stance)
  • Shazentai Dachi (natural leg stance)
  • Tate Seisan Dachi
  • Yoko Seisan Dachi

Wado Ryu Stances (animation)

This includes 10 of the above stances and how their positions are related to each other.

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