Seth Bennett

3rd Degree Black Belt – Sensei
Program Director, David Deaton Karate Studios – Lebanon

Seth Bennett was first introduced to martial arts through the movies of Chuck Norris and the Karate kid films. Inspired by what he saw on the screen, he began taking TaeKwonDo classes in 1987. His training ended sooner than he would have liked, as the school was forced to close its’ doors. The building that housed the school was sold and converted into a McDonald’s restaurant. Not achieving his goal of reaching the rank of black belt, was a major disappointment and regret in his life.

He was given a second chance to achieve his goal when, in 2015, he enrolled in classes at the Lebanon location of David Deaton Karate Studios. He successfully achieved his goal of reaching the rank of Black Belt, in 2018.

In 2016, along with his wife Janene and their son Logan, they as a family began competing in open Karate tournaments across the state. Mr. Bennett won first place at the Karate for Christ World Championships three out of four years, from 2016-2019.

Once he reached the rank of brown belt, he began teaching children’s classes, and also assisting in the adult classes. In the spring of 2020, Mr. Bennett was promoted to the position of head instructor of the Lebanon Branch of David Deaton Karate Studios.

He is passionate about karate and helping others learn the skills necessary to achieve their goals in karate, as well as in life.

Mr. Bennett believes that karate is for everyone, and that anyone, and everyone, can learn the skills to be successful in Wado Ryu Karate.