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Parents: Tell your child to run away

The Way of Kaizen

8 Tips to Avoid Summer Bummers

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June 1, 2019

Message of the Month

Parents: Tell your child to run away

According to a study, conducted by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 40.3 percent of those who experienced child abduction were victims of opportunity.

Run Away. Teach your children to run away from danger, never toward it. Danger is anyone or anything invading their personal space. If anyone should try to grab them, tell them to make a scene; loudly yell this person is not my father/mother/guardian; and make every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting. Their safety is more important than being polite. Teach your children if they are ever followed in a vehicle to turn around and run in the other direction to you or another trusted adult.

From the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. http://www.missingkids.com. Stay tuned for more.

The Way of Kaizen

By Shihan Tom Hould & Sensei Barry Keller

As a martial art, Kaizen is a path of lifelong growth. We define growth as the process of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical improvement. We assert that change developed without a structured positive expression will, in many cases, lead to chaos and increasing disorder. The path of Kaizen is designed to lead to maturity and wholeness.

The Mind of Kaizen
At the core of Kaizen is an insatiable curiosity. Kaizen unfetters this curiosity to continually seek the next question while employing the traditional structure of philosophy and martial arts to direct new understandings and vistas of thought.

The Heart of Kaizen
Kaizen recognizes that healthy emotions are a process, not a state, and as such Kaizen is engaged constantly in the nurturing of a healthy emotional experience and expression.

The Body of Kaizen
Without the body, there is no life. Kaizen honors the body as the primary vehicle through which life is known. Engaging a combination of major martial arts styles and philosophies, Kaizen nurtures the body through diet, exercise, training and rest so that skill, agility, strength, flexibility and thought are blended and balanced.

The Spirit of Kaizen
Kaizen recognizes that living to our fullest positive potential is the most potent spiritual expression possible in whatever religious and or philosophical path we choose to follow.

Kids Corner

8 Tips to Avoid Summer Bummers

Heading out for a hike, camping or just to the neighborhood pool? There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors and warm weather.

Use these easy times to avoid bug bites, sunburn and other pesky problems. And get out there!

1. Make Yourself Unattractive
To insects, that is. Scented soaps, perfumes and hair sprays can attract mosquitoes and other biting bugs.
Also avoid areas where insects nest or gather, such as pools of still water, uncovered foods and gardens where flowers are in bloom. Use bug spray with DEET. The chemical wards off ticks (which can carry Lyme disease) and mosquitoes (which can spread West Nile virus). Pediatricians recommend 10% to 30% DEET for children older than 2 months.

2. Use the 20-Minute Rule
Drink water at least every 20 minutes. To prevent heat stress and heat stroke, adults and children should stay hydrated when outside on hot and humid days. During activities less than one hour, water alone is fine. But if you’re going to be outside for more than an hour, you should add a sports drink to replenish electrolytes.

3. Play It Safe
At the playground, take a good look at the equipment. It should be in good shape. Rotted or worn out woods and plastic can have sharp edges and points that could scrape or cause injuries. Make sure the slides and other surfaces are cool enough to be comfortable.

4. Stay Street Legal
Before you head out on a family bike ride, you might want to check on your local laws. For example, in some towns, it’s illegal to ride with passengers under 1 year of age. And of course, make sure everyone straps on a helmet.

5. Scan for Bad Plants
Learn to recognize poison ivy and poison oak and steer clear. You should also know about other poisonous plants like nightshade. When hiking, carry a book with photos of these plants to refer to in cases of doubt. Yes you could look them up on your phone, but if you’re out of rang, you’ll want a paper copy to be sure.

6. Big Adventure? Brag About It
Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Someone needs to know where you plan to be, just in case. If you’re going hiking or camping, take a first aid kit with you. It should have antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, anti-itch gels an Ace bandage and emergency hydration and electrolyte replacement drinks or packs.

7. Be a Hero, the Right Way
If you see someone struggling in a pool or lake, you’ll naturally want to help them. But it’s dangerous for you to jump in. Instead, throw a Coast Guard approved flotation device to the person in the water or use a pole to reach them.

8. Go Broad
Use a “broad-spectrum” sunscreen. That means it will screen out both UVB and UVA rays. You need it even if it’s not a blazing hot sunny day. You should also layer in other protection. Wear a hat with at lease a 3-inch brim all around. Limit you sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when UV rays are the strongest.

Sources: David Fagan, MD, chairman, pediatrics department, Nassau University Medical Center, East Meadow, NY Jackie Clifton, RN, emergency department clinical coordinator, Lake Pointe Medical Center, Rowlett, TX

Karate Summer Camp

Registration for our special 8 Week Gold Summer Camp is now open! 8 full weeks of classes and the chance to earn a Gold Belt. As an added bonus, the first 25 to register will receive a free 49th Anniversary t-shirt! Classes fill quickly so we want to include your friends or other family members first. 1st session begins week of June 3, 2019. 2nd session begins week of July 15, 2019. Contact the front desk or call (615) 754-6878 for more information.

Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate Dad June 16

Did You Know?:

  • That the concept of Father’s Day was first proposed in 1909 by Washingtonian native, Mrs. John B. Dodd? Her inspiration for the holiday was to honor her own father, William Smart, a Civil War veteran and single dad, widowed when his wife died in childbirth with their sixth child.
  • That Mrs. Dodd’s vision did not become reality until 63 years later? In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day.
  • 11% of Dads are stepdads, living full-time with their spouse’s children?
  • That one in twelve men serving in the US Army are dads?


June 3-8: Test Week
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June 14: Graduation Schedule
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June 24-29: Bokken Week/Test Week

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