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Black Belt Requirements

how long does it take to earn black belt in karate
Black belt require­ments for Juniors and Adults.

Belt test­ing will be done while in class dur­ing Stripe Test/Belt Test Week. The Grad­u­a­tion Cer­e­mo­ny will be the Fri­day of the week fol­low­ing Stripe Test Week (unless oth­er­wise informed).

The fol­low­ing require­ments apply to all belt lev­els:

  1. There must be a min­i­mum of 2 months between your last pro­mo­tion and this one.
  2. You must have a min­i­mum of 8 class­es in the month pre­ced­ing your promotion.
  3. You must know all 3 Stu­dent Creeds.
  4. Below 18 yrs. Old must have your Intent to Pro­mote card filled out, signed by your par­ents and school teach­ers and turned in by the end of Stripe Test/Belt Test Week.
  5. You must make both and A and B class dur­ing Stripe Test/Belt Test Week.
  6. You must attend the Grad­u­a­tion Cer­e­mo­ny. You are always respon­si­ble for know­ing mate­r­i­al that has been cov­ered on pre­vi­ous tests.
  7. With age and rank, more is expect­ed of you for each test.

The fol­low­ing are require­ments for each belt:

Gold Belt

  • First QC Form turned in
  • Min­i­mum 16 classes
  • Min­i­mum 2 months
  • Hand Tech­niques: Jab and Reverse
  • Kicks: Front
  • Blocks: High, Low, and Middle
  • Stances: Atten­tion, Ready, Front, and Horse
  • Form Tech­niques: Step­ping Front Punch and Kick Front Punch
  • Kata: Basic
  • Kisos: 1–3 Attack­ing and Defending

Orange Belt

  • Sec­ond QC Form turned in
  • Min­i­mum 32 classes
  • Min­i­mum 4 months
  • Hand Tech­niques: Back Fist, Knife Hand, and Spear Hand
  • Kicks: Round­house
  • Blocks: Ham­mer Fist and Circular
  • Stances: Lunge, Side Fac­ing Cat, and Front Fac­ing Cat
  • Form Tech­niques: Lunge Punch and Kick Front Punch
  • Kata: Pinan Ni Dan
  • Kisos: 1–6 Attack­ing and Defending

Blue Belt

  • Third QC Form turned in
  • Min­i­mum 48 classes
  • Min­i­mum 6 months
  • Hand Tech­niques: Ridge Hand and One Fin­ger Spear Hand
  • Kicks: Side
  • Blocks: Open Hand
  • Stances: Reverse
  • Form Tech­niques: Reverse Punch and Kick Reverse Punch
  • Kata: Pinan Sho Dan
  • Kisos: 1–9 Attack­ing and Defending

Purple Belt

  • Min­i­mum 64 classes
  • Min­i­mum 8 months
  • Hand Tech­niques: Elbow
  • Kicks: Hook and Jump Front
  • Kata: Pinan San Dan
  • Kisos: 1–11 Attack­ing and Defending

Green Candidate

  • Min­i­mum 80 classes
  • Min­i­mum 10 months
  • Hand Tech­niques: Back Hand
  • Kicks: Spin Kicks
  • Blocks: X and Back Fist
  • Kata: Pinan Yo Dan
  • Kisos: 1–11 Attack­ing and Defending

Green Belt

  • Min­i­mum 96 classes
  • Min­i­mum 12 months
  • Kicks: Jump Side
  • Stances: Reverse Lunge
  • Kata: Pinan Go Dan
  • Kisos: 1–11 Attack­ing and Defending

Brown Candidate

  • Min­i­mum 120 classes
  • Min­i­mum 15 months
  • Hand Tech­niques:
  • Stances: Lunge Reverse
  • Form Tech­niques: Lunge Reverse and Kick Lunge Reverse
  • Kata: All Pinan Katas
  • Kisos: 1–9 Attack­ing and Defending

Brown Belt

  • Min­i­mum 144 classes
  • Min­i­mum 18 months
  • Kata: 1/2 Kusanku
  • Kisos: 1–11 Attack­ing and Defending

1st Brown

  • Min­i­mum 168 classes
  • Min­i­mum 21 months
  • Kata: All Kusanku
  • Kisos: 1–11 Attack­ing and Defending

Black Belt Candidate

  • Min­i­mum 200 classes
  • Min­i­mum 24 months
  • Kata: Nihanchi

Black Belt

  • Min­i­mum 300 classes
  • Min­i­mum 36 months
  • Mini­um Age: 9–10 Years

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