Wado Ryu Stances

Dachi — Stance (also seen spelled Tachi)

All references to angle refer to your attack line center, and the body unless otherwise stated is straight up.

  • Chinto Dachi (stance used in the Chinto kata)
  • Gyaka Shomen Neko Ashi Dachi (reverse front facing cat leg stance)
  • Gyakazuki Dachi (reverse punch stance)
  • Hachiji Dachi (ready stance -shazentai stance)
  • Heiko Dachi (parallel stance)
  • Heisoku Dachi (shazentai stance with feet together at heels and toes)
  • Junzuki Dachi (front punch stance)
  • Junzuki No Tsukomi Dachi (Hanmi Dachi) (lunge punch stance)
  • Kokutso Dachi (reverse lunge punch stance)
  • Kiba Dachi (horse stance)
  • Mahamni Neko Ashi Dachi (side facing cat leg stance)
  • Masuba Dachi (attention stance)
  • Naihanchi Dachi (stance used in the Naihanchi kata)
  • Sagi Ashi Dachi (crane stance)
  • Seisan Dachi
  • Shiko Dachi (four point stance)
  • Shomen Neko Ashi Dachi (front facing cat leg stance)
  • Shazentai Dachi (natural leg stance)
  • Tate Seisan Dachi
  • Yoko Seisan Dachi

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