Kiso Kumite

The kiso kumite katas as prac­ticed with­in the Wado Ryu sys­tem (gen­er­al­ly the U.S.E.W.K. Fed­er­a­tion) were devel­oped by Sen­sei Cecil Pat­ter­son in 1963.

General Kiso Kumite Kata Rules

1. The right foot moves first for both, attack­er and defend­er.

2. All kicks are done with the back foot, to the belt knot.

3. The attack­er nev­er steps or sets back.

4. The attack­er either steps or kicks, nev­er both, at the begin­ning of every move.

5. The defend­er steps back at the begin­ning of every move.

6. All blocks are made with the front hand.

7. In every move the back hand when not doing some­thing else (as spec­i­fied) is in hikite (pulled back).

8. From the fifth move on, all moves, attack­ing and defend­ing, are done from a front stance, and the hands always end in kame (ready posi­tion of the hands).

9. When work­ing with a part­ner, the attack­er leaves the tech­nique out until it has been blocked and the counter has been thrown, if a counter is to be made.

10. Always main­tain eye con­tact with your oppo­nent.

The two por­tions of the Kiso Kumite Kata are;
1. Torre (Attack­er)
2. Uke (Defend­er)

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