School Rules and Regulations

To main­tain safe­ty in our class­room and to main­tain a pos­i­tive and respect­ful Mar­tial Arts envi­ron­ment, we will request our stu­dents to fol­low these guide­lines.

Karate School Guidelines

  • Always place your shoes in chang­ing areas.
  • No unat­tend­ed or super­vised chil­dren are per­mit­ted.
  • Respect oth­er peo­ples prop­er­ty and belong­ings.
  • Keep your uni­form neat and clean with patch­es in prop­er place­ment.
  • Prac­tice good per­son­al hygiene habits. Keep uni­forms neat, clean and odor free.
  • Remove all jew­el­ry before enter­ing class.
  • Respect the class that is in ses­sion:
    • Keep con­ver­sa­tions at a low vol­ume.
    • Remain off the teach­ing area until your class.
    • Qui­et­ly pre­pare for your class.
  • Always have your atten­dance card before enter­ing class.
  • Demon­strate a for­mal “Bow” as you enter and exit from the main class­room.
  • Always be well man­nered and cour­te­ous toward oth­ers.
  • Intro­duce your guests or vis­i­tors to an instruc­tor and show them guest seat­ing.
  • Enter class with ener­gy and demon­strate your enthu­si­asm for learn­ing.
  • Focus your eyes on your instruc­tor.
  • Always show your best atten­tion and give your instruc­tor pos­i­tive response to ques­tions.
  • Demon­strate prop­er pos­ture and atti­tude at all times.
  • No vul­gar­i­ties or obscene lan­guage in the school.
  • No chew­ing gum or can­dy in the class­room.
  • Steady and con­sis­tent atten­dance is essen­tial to progress. If pos­si­ble, please noti­fy your instruc­tor if you will be miss­ing class.
  • Please arrive 10–15 min­utes pri­or to your class.
  • Mem­o­rize our “Stu­dent Creed” and recite it at the begin­ning of each class. Learn­ing — Under­stand­ing — Apply­ing its mean­ing will enhance your progress.
  • Learn to tie your uni­form and belt prop­er­ly.
  • All drinks/food items are to remain on the uncar­pet­ed sec­tion of the school (near the soda machines).
  • Always remove your belt before leav­ing the school.
  • The blue sec­tion of car­pet is reserved for stu­dents par­tic­i­pat­ing in class. If you are not in class, please remain on the red car­pet or in the snack area.
  • Please mark all per­son­al belong­ings with your name.
  • The area behind the recep­tion desk is off lim­its to all stu­dents (unless being sized for equip­ment).

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