School Rules and Regulations

To maintain safety in our classroom and to maintain a positive and respectful Martial Arts environment, we will request our students to follow these guidelines.

Karate School Guidelines

  • Always place your shoes in changing areas.
  • No unattended or supervised children are permitted.
  • Respect other peoples property and belongings.
  • Keep your uniform neat and clean with patches in proper placement.
  • Practice good personal hygiene habits. Keep uniforms neat, clean and odor free.
  • Remove all jewelry before entering class.
  • Respect the class that is in session:
    • Keep conversations at a low volume.
    • Remain off the teaching area until your class.
    • Quietly prepare for your class.
  • Always have your attendance card before entering class.
  • Demonstrate a formal “Bow” as you enter and exit from the main classroom.
  • Always be well mannered and courteous toward others.
  • Introduce your guests or visitors to an instructor and show them guest seating.
  • Enter class with energy and demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning.
  • Focus your eyes on your instructor.
  • Always show your best attention and give your instructor positive response to questions.
  • Demonstrate proper posture and attitude at all times.
  • No vulgarities or obscene language in the school.
  • No chewing gum or candy in the classroom.
  • Steady and consistent attendance is essential to progress. If possible, please notify your instructor if you will be missing class.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your class.
  • Memorize our “Student Creed” and recite it at the beginning of each class. Learning — Understanding — Applying its meaning will enhance your progress.
  • Learn to tie your uniform and belt properly.
  • All drinks/food items are to remain on the uncarpeted section of the school (near the soda machines).
  • Always remove your belt before leaving the school.
  • The blue section of carpet is reserved for students participating in class. If you are not in class, please remain on the red carpet or in the snack area.
  • Please mark all personal belongings with your name.
  • The area behind the reception desk is off limits to all students (unless being sized for equipment).

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