How To Tie A Karate Belt

Here are sev­en easy-to-fol­low steps on how to tie karate belt (obi). Click on pic­tures to view larg­er sizes. 

In each of the fol­low­ing steps, “tag” refers to the piece of mate­r­i­al sewn onto the end of a White belt (on one side) by the man­u­fac­tur­er. As you (or your child) progress in belt rank, the karate belts will not have a tag. Instead, your karate belt will be “striped” with col­ored tape. Stripes of red tape (for P.T. week) and Black tape (for atten­dance) will be added to the left side of the belt (same side the tag was locat­ed). Col­ored (rank) tape indi­cat­ing the next belt lev­el will be added to the right side of the belt. Just remem­ber, “Rank on Right” — when your karate belt is tied, the col­ored “rank” tape should be on your right side.

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How to Tie Karate Belt (Tying Perfect Obi Knot)

Step 1

Find the mid­dle of your obi by fold­ing it in half. With the belt hang­ing in front of you, and the tag of the belt on your right side, place the mid­dle of the belt on the mid­dle of your stom­ach (your bel­ly button).
(tag on your right)

Step 2

Wrap the belt around you, cross­ing over in the back, and bring­ing the ends around to your front. Make sure ends are even length.
(tag is now on your left)

Step 3

Over­lap the ends (left over right) keep­ing the end with the tag on top.
(tag is now on your right)

Step 4

With­out twist­ing the belt, tuck the top (tag end) under the belt and pull both ends tight.
(tag on your right)

Step 5

Bend the left end up and make a loop, then flip the tag end over the top
(tag on your left)

Step 6

Tuck the tag end through the loop you just made with the oth­er and pull tight.
(tag on your left)

Step 7

The fin­ished knot should look like a for­tune cookie.
(tag on your left)

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