HachiDan Cecil T. Patterson

8th Degree Black Belt
June 22, 1930 — Octo­ber 27, 2002

Hachi-dan Cecil T. Patterson 8th degree black beltSen­sei Cecil T. Pat­ter­son was born in Sevierville, Ten­nessee on June 22, 1930. His inter­est in the mar­tial arts began while attend­ing a law enforce­ment train­ing school taught by an F.B.I. agent. While serv­ing in the Unit­ed States Navy he was sta­tioned in Iwaku­ni, Japan. In August 1955 he enrolled in a karate school and stud­ied under the direct super­vi­sion of Mas­ter Kazuo Saku­ra, GoDan, and trained for fif­teen hours per week for a two year peri­od.

Mr. Pat­ter­son received his San­Dan (3rd degree black belt) in 1959 and was advanced to Yon­Dan (4th degree black belt) in 1964. He was pro­mot­ed to GoDan (fifth degree black belt) by Mas­ter H. Otsu­ka on Decem­ber 1, 1968, at that time the high­est rank in the Wado sys­tem. He even­tu­al­ly was award­ed the rank of Hachi­Dan (8th degree black belt).

Mr. Pat­ter­son was the high­est ranked occi­den­tal in the Wado sys­tem and due to the years of train­ing, teach­ing and his devo­tion to the Wado sys­tem he was instruct­ed by Mas­ter Otsu­ka to estab­lish the Unit­ed States East­ern Wado-Kai Fed­er­a­tion. He served as the pres­i­dent and head instruc­tor of said fed­er­a­tion which was estab­lished in 1968. As the pres­i­dent of the U.S.E.W.F. Mr. Pat­ter­son was respon­si­ble to Mas­ter Otsu­ka for all the Wado dojos in the East­ern Unit­ed States.

The first Wado karate school in the east­ern Unit­ed States was opened in Nashville, Ten­nessee by Mr. Pat­ter­son in 1961. There are present­ly Wado karate schools in Ten­nessee, New York, Illi­nois, Indi­ana, Flori­da, Louisiana, Alaba­ma and Texas.

Mr. Pat­ter­son served as the State Rep­re­sen­ta­tive and Region­al Direc­tor for the Unit­ed States Karate Asso­ci­a­tion and was on the research board (in ref­er­ence to the Wado sys­tem) of that orga­ni­za­tion.

Sen­sei Cecil T. Pat­ter­son passed away on Octo­ber 27, 2002. He is sur­vived by his wife and four chil­dren.

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