Move (The Workout)

Want to shake up your work­out, but feel ten­ta­tive about fit­ness trends like P90X, Insan­i­ty, Cross­Fit, etc.? We’ve got some­thing for ya!

This Sum­mer, David Deaton Karate Stu­dio is rein­vent­ing The Work­out!

You’ll learn to move how nature intend­ed; with Bal­ance, Agili­ty, and Pow­er from a cer­ti­fied Black Belt instruc­tor.

Com­bin­ing group ener­gy with per­son­al train­ing expe­ri­ence, Move (The Work­out) fea­tures a nat­u­ral­ly dynam­ic work­out in a prac­ti­cal con­text.


You’ll increase;

  • Aware­ness of phys­i­cal strength
  • Over­all strength
  • Endurance in dai­ly activ­i­ties.

Move (The Work­out) is per­fect for any­one who enjoys an effi­cient, moti­vat­ing, and enjoy­able work­out!

10:00 am10:00 am
Don’t miss a spe­cial, FREE, intro­duc­to­ry class! Thurs­day, June 20.

Just start­ing out?
Learn the basics, Pres­sure-free.

Need a lev­el-up?
Say hel­lo to the lim­it­less chal­lenge of nat­ur­al ply­o­met­rics.

So show your health some love this Sum­mer. Bring your body and a friend!

Class­es are $10 each or month­ly for unlim­it­ed!

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Chelsie Guillemet

Chelsie Guillemet
Move Instruc­tor

Chelsie Guillemet is a per­son­al train­er, stu­dent of move­ment, and mar­tial artist with near­ly 20 years of tech­ni­cal move­ment expe­ri­ence in mar­tial arts and 4 years teach­ing. She arrived at the idea of a prac­ti­cal move­ment-based class in 2011, after over­whelm­ing real­iza­tions that today’s humans have all but lost the full extent of their phys­i­cal capa­bil­i­ties. She aims to help oth­ers tune into their bod­ies and find what works for them in the grander goal of food-fit­ness-fam­i­ly bal­ance.

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