Gold Parents As Coaches

It’s been proven time and again that par­ents who prac­tice karate can help improve their children’s abil­i­ties as well as their inter­est.

Madison Kristof (L) and Michael Kristof (R)

Now, start­ing in July, ANY par­ent of one of our karate stu­dents can enroll in our spe­cial “Par­ents As Coach­es” class­es, absolute­ly Free!

That’s 8 weeks (16 free karate class­es) until grad­u­a­tion to Gold Belt.

Par­ent, help us to help you in devel­op­ing your child/children to be Rock Sol­id Kids. This is a tuition free course. All we ask is that you pur­chase your sup­plies (uni­form $39.95 + tax).

Use the con­tact form on the right or go to the front desk to sign up today!




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