There’s one thing all the karate stu­dents who have grad­u­ated to Black Belt have in com­mon — they all began their jour­ney as a white belt.

Please take a look at what some of our par­ents and stu­dents have said about our karate train­ing.

David Deaton Karate Stu­dio in Mount Juliet has become like fam­ily to us and they’re absolutely amaz­ing!!! If you’re look­ing for a dojo, I highly, highly rec­om­mend them!!!
Tammy Smith
Best Karate school. [sic] The instruc­tors are incred­i­ble, they are very good with chil­dren and truly care about them. It has a fam­ily feel that is very wel­com­ing to both new and exist­ing stu­dents. They work to develop the stu­dents phys­i­cally, men­tally and spir­i­tu­ally. I highly rec­om­mend this school for any­one look­ing for a karate school“.
Imag­ine being a sci­en­tist and your teacher was Albert Ein­stein — that is what it feels like to be under the wing of Sen­sei Tyler.
Sen­sei Javier Lozano, Jr
Very help­ful and ener­getic staff. Would rec­om­mend to any­one inter­ested in the mar­tial arts. The instruc­tors are excel­lent with the chil­dren”.
Best karate instruc­tors! Signed up my 8 year old daugh­ter for their free, 8 class, sum­mer camp and she imme­di­ately loved it. The instruc­tors are really friendly and extremely patient with the kids. My daugh­ter is now an Orange belt and took sec­ond place in a recent karate tour­na­ment. I think that speaks vol­umes for the school and the instruc­tors for mak­ing the classes fun and con­tin­u­ally keep­ing the kids inter­ested and excited about learn­ing. In fact, I’ve started tak­ing classes too and love that it gives my daugh­ter and I some­thing we can do together. I highly rec­om­mend David Deaton Karate Stu­dio”.
Michael Kristof
Love this dojo! Highly rec­om­mend! The stu­dents and instruc­tors are fan­tas­tic
Nick Mackie
Davie Deaton and his whole staff are just great they love all the kids they are very under­stand­ing and car­ing its not just a school where the kids can learn self defense but it also teaches focus con­fi­dence self respect and respect for our coun­try witch is some­thing that is not stressed enough any more and all of that being said its just plain fun!!
Ernie W
It’s like being part of a small fam­ily that makes sure to cheer each per­son on as they gain new skills and fur­ther develop old ones. So come be part of the fam­ily.
Melanye Fran­cisco

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