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Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club is com­prised of active Black Belts and those qual­i­fied stu­dents who have set their goal to be a Black Belt.

Black Belt Club Qualifications

To qual­i­fy a stu­dent must be a gold belt or above and have their instructor’s approval before mem­ber­ship is granted.

How To Get Approval From Your Instructor

David Deaton Black Bet ClubAfter a stu­dent qual­i­fies to enroll in our school then the instruc­tor is eval­u­at­ing each stu­dent in sev­er­al areas:

  • Atten­dance and mak­ing up all absences when they occur.
  • Tak­ing belt reviews when scheduled.
  • Mak­ing good grades on all belt reviews.
  • Main­tain­ing a B aver­age in all academics.
  • Demon­strates a high inter­est in Karate.
  • Demon­strates good atti­tude in class, at home and toward others.
  • Has good reports on con­duct and atti­tude from par­ents & teach­ers. Sup­ports school functions.
  • Refer­ring and spon­sor­ing a new student.
  • Is prac­tic­ing goal set­ting and has set a long term goal to be a Black Belt.
  • Is cur­rent with tuition payments.
  • Has full sup­port from parents.
Black Belt Club Benefits

The basic ben­e­fits of the Black Belt Club are:

  • Pos­i­tive rein­force­ment of reach­ing goals and main­tain­ing good con­duct & attitudes.
  • Rec­og­nized as an elite group with­in the school.
  • Pro­vid­ed with in-depth train­ing along with spe­cial class­es and sem­i­nars and social activ­i­ties out­side the school.
  • Best tuition rates with max­i­mum discounts.
  • Uni­form patch, cus­tomized Black Belt Club Belt.
  • Com­pe­ti­tion Team Eligibility.
  • Demo Team Eligibility.
  • SWAT Team Eligibility.
  • Spe­cial Black Belt Club dis­counts on all Karate sup­plies & activities.
  • Spe­cial pri­vate train­ing when needed.

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