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September 1, 2017

Message of the Month

Importance of Concentration and Memory

Holidays are a whole lot of fun. But once you’re in school, it is time to gear up for a whole lot of challenging schoolwork. Ideally, you should not think of schoolwork as boring. Instead, you should think of it as exciting and challenging, so that you can have a really good time during the school year.

Two tools that can really help you in your academic life are concentration and memory. Here’s one piece of good news: once something is stored in our brain, we never forget it. The bad news is we are not al- ways successful in recalling information stored in our brain.

Concentration helps memory. In other words, if you pay close attention you will have greater chances of recalling what you’ve learnt. As a martial artist you have already learned to be disciplined. Here are some other steps you can take to improve your concentration skills.

Tips for improved concentration during studies:

  1. When you are studying, make sure there are not distractions and make sure the lighting, temperature and seating arrangement are comfortable.
  2. Develop the order in which you will complete tasks and make sure your goals are practical.
  3. Information is stored in our brains according to a scheme. Linking new information with previous knowledge helps to fit it into the schemes that already exist in your brain. Later if you cannot recall something, if you try to recall another related matter, you may have success in recalling the first information.
  4. Try learning actively by involving your whole body. You can stand up and talk aloud as you study,
    using your arms, legs, eyes, ears and voice. Getting your body involved in the study process makes
    it more energetic and less boring.
  5. Try to relax when you are concentrating also when you are trying to recall information. Relaxation
    allows more blood to flow to the brain, which can help you think more clearly.
  6. To really learn lessons, you have to over learn. Short-term memory is not very effective during a
    stressful test. Study information many times.

Mental Self Defense… Stress Busting

The ideal way to deal with stress is to get ride of the source of stress in your life. If that isn’t possible, you must find other ways to get rid of stress. Here are some great tips for reducing stress:

  • Exercise. Studies show that thirty minutes of exercise at least three times a week has immeasurable benefits for one’s health, and can also diminish the level of stress one faces. Exercise can mean training in the martial arts, walking, jogging, cycling, playing a sport such as basketball, swimming, etc.
  • Diet. Eat a healthy diet, with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. As martial artists you probably already avoid tobacco or excessive alcohol. Consume caffeine only in moderate amounts. Having a healthier lifestyle is a great basis for a stress-free life.
  • Deep breathing. Taking a deep breath is know for being a great relaxation technique. Breathe in slowing and deeply, holding the breath with our abdomen expanded, and then breathe out slowly. Repeat for about 10 minutes. The point is not just to involve your lungs, but to also involve your diaphragm and abdomen.

Kids Corner

Champions are Focused!

What is one of the most important qualities you will see in high-achieving black belt champions? It’s their ability to stay focused and keep their mind and attention on their primary goals and objectives.

They always have clarity of what they want to accomplish and what they have to do to succeed. They have a laser beam focus on the exact actions they are taking to achieve their ultimate victory! Champions condition themselves to stay alert, developing a high level of concentration. They have learned how to turn their mental switch “on” when it is time to take action. They also know how to turn it “off” when it is time to rest and re- cover. They are able to focus and aim their energy in a positive and purposeful direction.

Champions condition their bodies to say healthy, strong, flexible and fit. They strive to be the best in everything they do. They train hard to improve their strength, flexibility and overall endurance. They know how to maximize their energy for peak performance in and out of the dojo.

Champions condition their spirit to be strong under any circumstance. They have a non-quitting spirit that never gives up. This gives them the ability to overcome all obstacles that get in their way.

Champions stay focused on the positives in life and have strength and courage to defeat the negatives!

Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet

Courtesy of Anthony Arango

The internet is a powerful tool that has made our world a little small and more in- formed. However, for all its good, the Internet also has it’s faults, Just as you shouldn’t trust every telephone caller, you must exercise an equal amount of caution regarding the Internet.

There are two ways the Internet poses a risk for children. First is the communication. If you don’t allow your child to talk to strangers on the telephone, you shouldn’t allow them to communicate with them on the Internet either.

Second is access. Since the growth of the Internet, sexual predators have found they are no longer restricted to just parks, school grounds and malls. Instead, they can anonymously roam freely from chat room to chat room cruising for unsuspecting kids. Now, with millions of children using the Internet, law enforcement has become increasingly more challenged by predators using computer technology to victimize children.

Children should never use their own name when talking on the Internet. Everyone they talk to on the Internet should be viewed as a stranger and therefore nothing personal should ever be divulged.

Scenario #1
You’re in a chat room talking to someone and he/she asks for your name and address. What would you do?
Answer: Under no circumstances do you divulge this information. Show your parents and then get out of that chat room.

Scenario #2
You notice you have received an e-mail from someone you’ve never communicated with before. He/she claims that he can get you a deal on the latest video games. What do you do?
Answer: Do not respond to the e-mail. Show the e-mail to your parents immediately.

Scenario #3
You’re chatting online with one of your friends from school when suddenly someone else cuts in and identifies himself (or herself) as a class mate. He/she asks both you and your friend to meet him/her at the corner store later that evening for a soft drink. What would you do?
Answer: Never meet any strangers you talk to on the Inter- net. Show the chat room correspondence to your parents to report to the authorities.

We want our children to learn and grow. The Internet is a useful tool to learn, grow and share. However, it can also be a dangerous place. We as adults, parents and teachers have a responsibility to always make sure our children will be safe on the Internet. Open and constant lines of communication and education with our children are essential to their ongoing safety.


August 28 – September 2: Test Week

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September 9: Leadership Day: Superhero
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September 11-15: Bo Week

September 16: Karate Olympics

September 18-23: Bokken Week

September 23: Sword Class

September 23: Parents Night Out.
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

September 25-30: Test Week


9/4 Thomas Morrison, Sam Rodriguez, David Deaton
9/5 David Campo, Miguel Tapia, Aaron Tribiana, Caleb Ambrose, Keegan Peterson, Eric Biederman
9/6 Arigya Ranjan
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9/10 Cooper Derrick, Celeste Maas
9/11 Anniston Hobbs, Nathan Solomon
9/14 Terrence Johnson, Ethan Smith
9/15 Andre Johnson, Logan Dheming
9/16 Brandon Thompson
9/18 Isaac Harville, Keith Treesh
9/19 Jordan Fraley
9/20 Alexa DuBois, Grace Maclaughlin
9/21 Luke Johnson, Benny Taylor, Bryce Bertagnoli
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9/30 Logan Lippert

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