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Impor­tance of Con­cen­tra­tion and Mem­o­ry

Men­tal Self Defense… Stress Bust­ing

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Keep­ing Your Child Safe on the Inter­net

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Sep­tem­ber 1, 2017

Mes­sage of the Month

Impor­tance of Con­cen­tra­tion and Mem­o­ry

Hol­i­days are a whole lot of fun. But once you’re in school, it is time to gear up for a whole lot of chal­leng­ing school­work. Ide­al­ly, you should not think of school­work as bor­ing. Instead, you should think of it as excit­ing and chal­leng­ing, so that you can have a real­ly good time dur­ing the school year.

Two tools that can real­ly help you in your aca­d­e­m­ic life are con­cen­tra­tion and mem­o­ry. Here’s one piece of good news: once some­thing is stored in our brain, we nev­er for­get it. The bad news is we are not al- ways suc­cess­ful in recall­ing infor­ma­tion stored in our brain.

Con­cen­tra­tion helps mem­o­ry. In oth­er words, if you pay close atten­tion you will have greater chances of recall­ing what you’ve learnt. As a mar­tial artist you have already learned to be dis­ci­plined. Here are some oth­er steps you can take to improve your con­cen­tra­tion skills.

Tips for improved con­cen­tra­tion dur­ing stud­ies:

  1. When you are study­ing, make sure there are not dis­trac­tions and make sure the light­ing, tem­per­a­ture and seat­ing arrange­ment are com­fort­able.
  2. Devel­op the order in which you will com­plete tasks and make sure your goals are prac­ti­cal.
  3. Infor­ma­tion is stored in our brains accord­ing to a scheme. Link­ing new infor­ma­tion with pre­vi­ous knowl­edge helps to fit it into the schemes that already exist in your brain. Lat­er if you can­not recall some­thing, if you try to recall anoth­er relat­ed mat­ter, you may have suc­cess in recall­ing the first infor­ma­tion.
  4. Try learn­ing active­ly by involv­ing your whole body. You can stand up and talk aloud as you study,
    using your arms, legs, eyes, ears and voice. Get­ting your body involved in the study process makes
    it more ener­getic and less bor­ing.
  5. Try to relax when you are con­cen­trat­ing also when you are try­ing to recall infor­ma­tion. Relax­ation
    allows more blood to flow to the brain, which can help you think more clear­ly.
  6. To real­ly learn lessons, you have to over learn. Short-term mem­o­ry is not very effec­tive dur­ing a
    stress­ful test. Study infor­ma­tion many times.

Men­tal Self Defense… Stress Bust­ing

The ide­al way to deal with stress is to get ride of the source of stress in your life. If that isn’t pos­si­ble, you must find oth­er ways to get rid of stress. Here are some great tips for reduc­ing stress:

  • Exer­cise. Stud­ies show that thir­ty min­utes of exer­cise at least three times a week has immea­sur­able ben­e­fits for one’s health, and can also dimin­ish the lev­el of stress one faces. Exer­cise can mean train­ing in the mar­tial arts, walk­ing, jog­ging, cycling, play­ing a sport such as bas­ket­ball, swim­ming, etc.
  • Diet. Eat a healthy diet, with fruits, veg­eta­bles and whole grains. As mar­tial artists you prob­a­bly already avoid tobac­co or exces­sive alco­hol. Con­sume caf­feine only in mod­er­ate amounts. Hav­ing a health­i­er lifestyle is a great basis for a stress-free life.
  • Deep breath­ing. Tak­ing a deep breath is know for being a great relax­ation tech­nique. Breathe in slow­ing and deeply, hold­ing the breath with our abdomen expand­ed, and then breathe out slow­ly. Repeat for about 10 min­utes. The point is not just to involve your lungs, but to also involve your diaphragm and abdomen.

Kids Cor­ner

Cham­pi­ons are Focused!

What is one of the most impor­tant qual­i­ties you will see in high-achiev­ing black belt cham­pi­ons? It’s their abil­i­ty to stay focused and keep their mind and atten­tion on their pri­ma­ry goals and objec­tives.

They always have clar­i­ty of what they want to accom­plish and what they have to do to suc­ceed. They have a laser beam focus on the exact actions they are tak­ing to achieve their ulti­mate vic­to­ry! Cham­pi­ons con­di­tion them­selves to stay alert, devel­op­ing a high lev­el of con­cen­tra­tion. They have learned how to turn their men­tal switch “on” when it is time to take action. They also know how to turn it “off” when it is time to rest and re- cov­er. They are able to focus and aim their ener­gy in a pos­i­tive and pur­pose­ful direc­tion.

Cham­pi­ons con­di­tion their bod­ies to say healthy, strong, flex­i­ble and fit. They strive to be the best in every­thing they do. They train hard to improve their strength, flex­i­bil­i­ty and over­all endurance. They know how to max­i­mize their ener­gy for peak per­for­mance in and out of the dojo.

Cham­pi­ons con­di­tion their spir­it to be strong under any cir­cum­stance. They have a non-quit­ting spir­it that nev­er gives up. This gives them the abil­i­ty to over­come all obsta­cles that get in their way.

Cham­pi­ons stay focused on the pos­i­tives in life and have strength and courage to defeat the neg­a­tives!

Keep­ing Your Child Safe on the Inter­net

Cour­tesy of Antho­ny Arango

The inter­net is a pow­er­ful tool that has made our world a lit­tle small and more in- formed. How­ev­er, for all its good, the Inter­net also has it’s faults, Just as you shouldn’t trust every tele­phone caller, you must exer­cise an equal amount of cau­tion regard­ing the Inter­net.

There are two ways the Inter­net pos­es a risk for chil­dren. First is the com­mu­ni­ca­tion. If you don’t allow your child to talk to strangers on the tele­phone, you shouldn’t allow them to com­mu­ni­cate with them on the Inter­net either.

Sec­ond is access. Since the growth of the Inter­net, sex­u­al preda­tors have found they are no longer restrict­ed to just parks, school grounds and malls. Instead, they can anony­mous­ly roam freely from chat room to chat room cruis­ing for unsus­pect­ing kids. Now, with mil­lions of chil­dren using the Inter­net, law enforce­ment has become increas­ing­ly more chal­lenged by preda­tors using com­put­er tech­nol­o­gy to vic­tim­ize chil­dren.

Chil­dren should nev­er use their own name when talk­ing on the Inter­net. Every­one they talk to on the Inter­net should be viewed as a stranger and there­fore noth­ing per­son­al should ever be divulged.

Sce­nario #1
You’re in a chat room talk­ing to some­one and he/she asks for your name and address. What would you do?
Answer: Under no cir­cum­stances do you divulge this infor­ma­tion. Show your par­ents and then get out of that chat room.

Sce­nario #2
You notice you have received an e-mail from some­one you’ve nev­er com­mu­ni­cat­ed with before. He/she claims that he can get you a deal on the lat­est video games. What do you do?
Answer: Do not respond to the e-mail. Show the e-mail to your par­ents imme­di­ate­ly.

Sce­nario #3
You’re chat­ting online with one of your friends from school when sud­den­ly some­one else cuts in and iden­ti­fies him­self (or her­self) as a class mate. He/she asks both you and your friend to meet him/her at the cor­ner store lat­er that evening for a soft drink. What would you do?
Answer: Nev­er meet any strangers you talk to on the Inter- net. Show the chat room cor­re­spon­dence to your par­ents to report to the author­i­ties.

We want our chil­dren to learn and grow. The Inter­net is a use­ful tool to learn, grow and share. How­ev­er, it can also be a dan­ger­ous place. We as adults, par­ents and teach­ers have a respon­si­bil­i­ty to always make sure our chil­dren will be safe on the Inter­net. Open and con­stant lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and edu­ca­tion with our chil­dren are essen­tial to their ongo­ing safe­ty.


August 28 — Sep­tem­ber 2: Test Week

Sep­tem­ber 2–4: CLOSED

Sep­tem­ber 5–8: P.T. Week

Sep­tem­ber 8: Grad­u­a­tion Sched­ule
5:15 pm — Lit­tle Drag­ons
6:15 pm — Chil­dren, Juniors, Teens, and Adults

Sep­tem­ber 9: 12:30 Black Belt Pretest

Sep­tem­ber 9: Lead­er­ship Day: Super­hero
 9:00 am — 10:00 am Lit­tle Drag­ons
10:00 am — 11:00 am Chil­dren
11:00 am — 12:00 pm Juniors, Teens & Adults

Sep­tem­ber 11–15: Bo Week

Sep­tem­ber 16: Karate Olympics

Sep­tem­ber 18–23: Bokken Week

Sep­tem­ber 23: Sword Class

Sep­tem­ber 23: Par­ents Night Out.
5:00 pm — 9:00 pm

Sep­tem­ber 25–30: Test Week


9/4 Thomas Mor­ri­son, Sam Rodriguez, David Deaton
9/5 David Cam­po, Miguel Tapia, Aaron Trib­iana, Caleb Ambrose, Kee­gan Peter­son, Eric Bie­der­man
9/6 Ari­gya Ran­jan
9/7 Con­nor Lar­son
9/8 Kay­den Hawk­er
9/10 Coop­er Der­rick, Celeste Maas
9/11 Annis­ton Hobbs, Nathan Solomon
9/14 Ter­rence John­son, Ethan Smith
9/15 Andre John­son, Logan Dhem­ing
9/16 Bran­don Thomp­son
9/18 Isaac Harville, Kei­th Treesh
9/19 Jor­dan Fra­ley
9/20 Alexa DuBois, Grace Maclaugh­lin
9/21 Luke John­son, Ben­ny Tay­lor, Bryce Bertag­no­li
9/22 Brock Maxwell
9/23 James Michael Lopez
9/28 Ethan Pace, Cameron Hol­land
9/29 Jurel Williams, Con­nor Smith, Miles Spence
9/30 Logan Lip­pert

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