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Live, Breathe, Believe, Achieve!

Annual Christmas Sale!

Want Others To Be Nice To You?

Positive Language

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November 1, 2018

Message of the Month

Live, Breathe, Believe, Achieve!

In order for us to truly enjoy abundance and live every day to the fullest, it is important for us to have optimal health. The type of life that leads us to success is and can only be a healthy one. If we are not healthy, we will never truly have abundance and be wealthy.

Breathing is life. Life begins with the first inhalation and ends with the final exhalation. Our goal as champions for life should be to maximize our lives. Living life to the fullest means that we are enjoying every day and getting the most out of it.

In order to enjoy a great life we should understand what drives life. The answer is simply oxygen, which is the most important tool for health. Isn’t oxygen life’s primary nutrient? Doesn’t oxygen help heal injured cells? Isn’t oxygen helpful in healing illness? So how do we get more oxygen? By staying committed to our exercises. When we train and breathe properly we raise our bodies’ oxygen levels while releasing unwanted toxins through sweat.

Drinking plenty of water is a great way to keep the body hydrated and to flush out the system’s unwanted toxins. Load up on natural organic green foods that oxygenate your body.

Ever notice that some people always have an unstoppable and upbeat attitude toward life? Have you every wondered why? Answer: They are usually very healthy and maintain a positive attitude with constant energy for excellence.

Annual Christmas Sale! Nov. 5-10

Annual Christmas Sale!
Let us help you find those special gifts for the karate person on your list! BBC members receive a 15% discount and everyone else receives a 10% discount on orders placed from the CENTURY & MACHO catalogs and on equipment we have in stock.

Student Gi Sale!
The most used item in karate training is the uniform (Gi). Most black belts know this and have more than one–and it’s always smart to have a backup uniform. Now is the time to purchase your extra uniform during our uniform sale.

Kids Corner

Want Others To Be Nice To You?

Is that something you might be interested in? Well, the solution is simple. You have to be nice to them too. Don’t expect to hear something nice about you from someone you have been mean to. Just think about this. Would you be nice to a person if he or she were mean to you? Simple isn’t it?

Here are some things you can do in order to be nice, and have others be nice to you in turn:

  • Whenever you talk to others, be respectful.
  • Never, ever, bully someone younger than you.
  • When someone else is speaking, listen to them. Don’t interrupt.
  • Don’t call anyone names.
  • Wait till you know a person properly before you form an opinion about them.

If you can do these things for a little while, you will see the change in others. They will be nice to you too.

Positive Language

When you read literature on child development you will often hear this message: it is better to be as positive as possible in your approach to dealing with your kids. It is important to use positive words, and focusing on what to do rather than what not to do.

SayInstead of...
Slow down and walkStop running
Play with your toysDon’t touch that
Keep your feet on the floorDon’t climb on the couch
Use your quiet inside voiceStop screaming and shouting

Thanksgiving Puzzle


October 29 – November 3: Test Week
November 5-10: Christmas Sale!
November 5-10: P.T. Week
November 9: Graduation
5:15 pm – Little Dragons
6:15 pm – Children, Juniors, Teens, and Adults
November 10: Black Belt Graduation
November 12-17: Bo Week
November 17: Leadership Day
 9:00 am – 10:00 am Little Dragons
10:00 am – 11:00 am Children
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Juniors, Teens & Adults
November 19-21: Bokken Week
November 22: CLOSED for Thanksgiving
November 23-25: CLOSED


11/2 Carla Blevins, J.D. Moore
11/4 Grady Newton
11/6 Julie Lopez
11/7 Rayirth Saharan, Ethan Oglesby
11/13 Lily Batts, Raistlen Burgenheim
11/14 Hudson Beal, Garrett Newton, Owen Baden
11/17 Samuel Ortzmen, Taim Almumayiz
11/18 Keegan Arnold, Randall Barnes
11/21 Elizabeth Tennison
11/22 Noah Nelson
11/25 Isabella Harville
11/28 Chez Iwuchukwa
11/30 Mason McCabe

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