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August 1, 2017

Seven Ways to Protect Your Children

What could be more important than the safety of our children? To protect your child, think of the outside world as a jungle and your child as prey. The predator will be looking for the young and unattended. Here are some basic life-saving tips for us a parents to be more aware:

Make sure your child knows their phone number and address and is able to write it.

Never ever… did I mention the word ‘never’? …leave your child in a car alone. Would you leave $5,000 in a bag on our seat while you run into a store to get something? How much is your child worth? Priceless? Exactly.

Your child should never answer or open the door, even when you are at home. They will do what they are used to doing. This also applies to the phone. They should never answer the phone if they do not recognize the phone number of the person calling. A predator can find out who is home and when very easily.

Never allow your child to go to a public restroom without an adult. Don’t be lazy with our child’s safety and innocence.

Don’t think giving your children cell phones will protect them. Cell phones are nothing more than communicators. They are not weapons that will help with abductions.

Is your child eating healthy? It is your responsibility as a parent to provide proper nutrition for your child. If I bought you the car of your dreams, wouldn’t you put the best gas in it?

Take stock of your child. Is he/she overweight? Take this seriously. Again, it is your obligation as a parent to make sure proper nutrition and exercise are maintained. This is not a vanity issue, but a health issue.

Kids Corner

Habit of Enthusiasm

Courtesy of Ganguly’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Have you every noticed how some people seem to always seem to be filled with joy and enthusiasm for life? Then, there are others that bright up the room when they leave it? Which person would you rather be? Enthusiasm is a habitual response that can be trained and developed.

People with enthusiasm tend to look for the good in every situation and they focus on the good in people as well. More than any other characteristic of human personality, enthusiasm has been the companion of success in every major achievement or worthwhile endeavor.

Enthusiasm is that extra spark of optimism that gives us all the inspiration to perform at peak levels and it makes everything more enjoyable. Enthusiasm creates a magnetism of projected energy and excitement. It’s the kind of thing you truly enjoy sharing with others and others enjoy receiving.

Black Belt Champions show their enthusiasm. Do this and you’re showing how much you love what you are doing, and you become a positive influence on people around you. If yo lack enthusiasm, you may bring others down and become a negative influence.

“To become enthusiastic, you must act enthusiastic!” — Zig Ziglar


Have your child join us for a super fantastic fun night of Karate, games, movie, and pizza!

August 26, 2017 / 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
1st child $25 / 2nd child: $15 / Each additional child: $10. Must be siblings or live in same home for discount.

This is not restricted to karate students — siblings and friends are welcome too! Space is limited so register now to ensure your night out!

Join us here!

Benefits of Healthy Thinking

Here’s a reminder of healthy thinking. You must think and believe that you’re a healthy and strong person. You must believe that you’re not going to get sick when everyone else gets the flu. “I’m healthy, wealthy, happy and fit. I’ve got a fight spirit that will never quit.”

The mind is a powerful ally to great health and fitness. It can be a great friend or it can be a powerful enemy to your healthy and well-being. If you think healthy and positive thoughts versus negative thoughts, you’re likely to be a healthier and happier than a person who is talking about being sick and tired.

Of course you must also have healthy habits, such as regular exercise and good nutrition. To be a healthy person, you can’t smoke cigarettes or eat junk food every morning, noon, and night and expect to remain lean and fit.

Thinking healthy is just the start, but it’s a great start.

Did you know Martial arts training is one of the leading forms of exercise? It provides a great form of physical fitness, stress relief and the confidence to protect you and your family!

Champions are Achievers!

Champions are achievers, in and out of the dojo. They strive to be their best in every area of life. A true champion is always striving to get better and better, on and off the mat.

Why is it so common to see a Black Belt Champion become an achiever outside of the dojo as well? One of the reasons is martial arts instills the desire to become the best you can be. As a champion, you are always striving to grow to the next level.

No matter how great a champion you become, no matter how many black belt degrees you hold, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

Black belt champions in the dojo always strive to be champions in life. Junior champions strive for academic excellence and to be the best they can be, at home, at school and in the dojo. Adult champions strive to be achievers and leaders in their personal and professional lives. The best must always get better and achievers are always searching for ways to improve them- selves and the results they produce. Life is so much more fun when you are excelling at it.

Look at your martial arts as much more than learning self-defense or training for another belt, losing weight or getting in the best shape of your life. Think of it as more of a success conditioning program that is preparing you to excel in life.

Be the best black belt champion you can be… be an achiever!


July 31 – August 5: Test Week

August 7-12: P.T. Week

August 11: Graduation Schedule
5:15 pm – Little Dragons
6:15 pm – Children, Juniors, Teens, and Adults

August 12: Black Belt Review
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm – Juniors (Ages 15 and Under)
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm – Adults (Ages 16 and Up)

August 14-19: Bo Week

August 19: Leadership Day: Ninja Training
 9:00 am – 10:00 am Little Dragons
10:00 am – 11:00 am Children
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Juniors, Teens & Adults

August 21-26: Bokken Week

August 28 – September 2: Test Week

August 26: Sword Class

August 26: Parents Night Out.
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


8/1 Frankie Dheming
8/2 Taylor Czach, Guillermo Garcia, Aiden Grubbs
8/3 Robert Selby
8/4 Pam Carroll, Charlotte Willms
8/8 Andrew Shekoury
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8/11 Cason Chapman
8/15 Don Morris, Meila Hyzer
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8/20 Hailee McClure
8/22 Ben Thompson
8/23 Jayden Limbacher
8/25 Cannon Sandidge
8/26 Phoebe Richardson
8/28 Brendon Johnson, Lailah Wilson
8/30 Lorenzo Abellanosa
8/30 Nathan Cornelison

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