Miles Spence Renshi

5th Degree Black Belt and Pro­gram Direc­tor (Lebanon Dojo).

Miles Spence Renshi

Miles Spence Ren­shi
5th Degree Black Belt

I start­ed my train­ing in the mar­tial arts when I was four years old. The Teenage Mutant Nin­ja Tur­tles were in their prime and I was a Nin­ja Tur­tle nut. My par­ents, how­ev­er, saw this as a good oppor­tu­ni­ty for me to have a pos­i­tive role mod­el in my life. They were right; my instruc­tors were awe­some. Right away I want­ed to be every­thing they were. Where as most stu­dents see their instruc­tors as some­one to look up to or to fol­low, even at four, I saw them as some­one to be. I was going to be twice as fast, four times smarter, fun­nier, and def­i­nite­ly bet­ter look­ing. Well, two out of four is not that bad.

My pas­sion for the mar­tial arts grew and grew, as I got old­er. I found joy in com­pe­ti­tion and demon­stra­tion teams. Then in 1994 I received my black belt, at the age of ten. That’s when I real­ized my train­ing had only begun. I start­ed assist­ing in class­es, noth­ing major, just enough to make me real­ize I can learn more by teach­ing than I could in the past. In 1997 I was pro­mot­ed to Ni-Dan (2nd degree). It was short­ly after that when I began lead­ing class­es and teach­ing more that I was com­pet­ing.

Now my pas­sion is cre­at­ing not just the best fight­ers or the best mar­tial artists, but rather the best peo­ple. Use karate to make them good on the inside and the out­side. I also enjoy learn­ing as much as I can about all styles. I like to be con­sid­ered a well-round­ed and open-mind­ed Mar­tial Artist.

Note: As an instruc­tor, the rank of GoDan (5th degree black belt) includes the title of “Ren­shi”. Which, loose­ly trans­lat­ed, means “teacher of teach­ers”.

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