Miles Spence Renshi

5th Degree Black Belt and Program Director (Lebanon Dojo).

Miles Spence Renshi

Miles Spence Renshi
5th Degree Black Belt

I started my training in the martial arts when I was four years old. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were in their prime and I was a Ninja Turtle nut. My parents, however, saw this as a good opportunity for me to have a positive role model in my life. They were right; my instructors were awesome. Right away I wanted to be everything they were. Where as most students see their instructors as someone to look up to or to follow, even at four, I saw them as someone to be. I was going to be twice as fast, four times smarter, funnier, and definitely better looking. Well, two out of four is not that bad.

My passion for the martial arts grew and grew, as I got older. I found joy in competition and demonstration teams. Then in 1994 I received my black belt, at the age of ten. That’s when I realized my training had only begun. I started assisting in classes, nothing major, just enough to make me realize I can learn more by teaching than I could in the past. In 1997 I was promoted to Ni-Dan (2nd degree). It was shortly after that when I began leading classes and teaching more that I was competing.

Now my passion is creating not just the best fighters or the best martial artists, but rather the best people. Use karate to make them good on the inside and the outside. I also enjoy learning as much as I can about all styles. I like to be considered a well-rounded and open-minded Martial Artist.

Note: As an instructor, the rank of GoDan (5th degree black belt) includes the title of “Renshi”. Which, loosely translated, means “teacher of teachers“.

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