Logan Dheming

William Logan Dheming was born near Atlanta, Georgia in September 1999. After moving to Nashville at the age of 4, he began studying karate at David Deaton, Mt. Juliet on November 3, 2003. There were times during his early training when he and his parents thought he may not make it through, as he had some injuries that caused him to be apprehensive to remain in karate. However, with the help of God, Mr. Spence, Mr. Sewell and Mr. Tyler, he overcame his fear of being re-injured and continued his training.

Mr. Dheming went through a phase in his life where he was unwilling to learn, had an unhealthy diet as well as had a mediocre attitude towards martial arts. In time, however, he came to discover the reason for his training was not just to become a better fighter, but also a better human being all around with a healthier body and a healthier spirit, which compelled him to continue training towards the goal of black belt. His father joined karate in 2011 and received his black belt in 2014. This helped also to inspire Mr. Dheming to work hard and do his best, just like his dad.

He earned his 1st-degree black belt in September 2008 at the age of 9. Afterwards, he had a brand-new goal of becoming an instructor of the karate studio, to work alongside his teachers as one himself. Spending the next 4 years training and working towards his next rank, he received his 2nd-degree black belt and also became a S.W.A.T. member in September 2012 at the age of 13. For the next 3 years, he studied under Mr. Tyler, Mr. Spence, Ms. De Laby, Mr. Tate and Mr. Sewell to reach his goal of becoming an instructor. On September of 2015, he finally reached his goal in becoming an instructor.

“Even though I finally reached my goal of becoming an instructor, I still have much to learn in karate training that will help me throughout my life. Spiritually, mentally and physically, my journey in life is just beginning and I am so excited for what the future brings!” – Mr. William Logan Dheming

Mr. Dheming also began attending Vol State at the age of 16 and is studying to be a cyber defense expert, hoping to one day be an agent with the Department of Homeland Security. He plans on continuing his training in karate for many more years, as this will better prepare him for his training and career with DHS.

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