Jessie De Laby Sensei

Third Degree Black Belt.

Jessie De Laby Sensei

Jessie De Laby Sen­sei
Third Degree Black Belt

Jesse start­ed her karate train­ing in 2004 at the age of 12 when her par­ents saw a TV com­mer­cial pro­mot­ing the spe­cial Sum­mer karate pro­gram. Although Jesse wasn’t real­ly inter­est­ed in learn­ing karate, her par­ents (like so many oth­er par­ents) want­ed their daugh­ter to have self-defense train­ing.

In the begin­ning, Jesse felt frus­trat­ed because every­thing was so new and she want­ed to do every­thing per­fect.

As Jesse tells it, “I was the most timid and shy per­son. I had low self-esteem and couldn’t look any­one in the eye. It was the hard­est thing for me to step out onto the blue floor and do some­thing on my own. I felt very intim­i­dat­ed because I didn’t know what was going to hap­pen.”

But as the weeks pro­gressed, Jesse kept prac­tic­ing and prac­tic­ing until every­thing was spot-on.

I remem­ber test­ing for my Gold belt and didn’t real­ize how big of a deal it was for me — to do it by myself and pass it by myself. It was then that I real­ized how much karate was help­ing me and decid­ed to join the Black Belt Club. By the time I became a Blue Belt, I was com­plete­ly hooked and tak­ing class­es every day.

After a year of karate train­ing, prac­tic­ing every­day, and per­fect­ing all my Katas, I was giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to start teach­ing oth­er stu­dents as a SWAT instruc­tor — which was the sec­ond best thing that’s hap­pened to me because hav­ing to explain karate moves and tech­niques to a child helped me under­stand karate even more.”

I’m a very fam­i­ly ori­ent­ed per­son but most of my fam­i­ly lives in Cal­i­for­nia. So the bonds I’ve made with the peo­ple at David Deaton have been incred­i­ble — they’ve become my adopt­ed fam­i­ly. It’s the most impor­tant thing that has hap­pened in my life.”

Jesse loves work­ing with kids and cur­rent­ly teach­es karate class­es for Lit­tle Drag­ons (begin­ners) 4–6 years old and Chil­dren (begin­ners) 7–9 years old.

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