Karate Instructors

No mat­ter what mar­tial arts or self defense train­ing you decide to get involved in, it’s the instruc­tors that will have the biggest impact on your train­ing.

Excep­tion­al­ly skilled, expe­ri­enced, and patient instruc­tors are key.

That’s exact­ly what you’ll find right at the David Deaton Karate Stu­dio in Mount Juli­et.

And because I want you to have only the best train­ing avail­able, every instruc­tor must be a min­i­mum of X degree black belt and X years of karate train­ing.

They are a team of high­ly trained and knowl­edge­able instruc­tors ready to help you learn karate self-defense

So whether you want to learn karate, how to pro­tect your­self with effec­tive self defense tech­niques, or per­haps become the Black Belt you always knew you could be, my instruc­tors are ready to help you achieve your goals.

– Wayne Tyler
8th Degree Black Belt, World Cham­pi­on, and Chief Instruc­tor

Meet Our Wado Ryu Karate Instructors


Shihan Wayne Tyler

Wayne Tyler
8th Degree Black Belt

Miles Spence Sensei

Miles Spence Sen­sei
4th Degree Black Belt

Scott Sewell Sensei

Scott Sewell Sen­sei
3rd Degree Black Belt

Karate Instructor Jessie De Laby

Jessie De Laby
3rd Degree Black Belt

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