Karate Instructors

No matter what martial arts or self defense training you decide to get involved in, it’s the instructors that will have the biggest impact on your training.

Exceptionally skilled, experienced, and patient instructors are key.

That’s exactly what you’ll find right at the David Deaton Karate Studio in Mount Juliet.

And because I want you to have only the best training available, every instructor must be a minimum of X degree black belt and X years of karate training.

They are a team of highly trained and knowledgeable instructors ready to help you learn karate self-defense

So whether you want to learn karate, how to protect yourself with effective self defense techniques, or perhaps become the Black Belt you always knew you could be, my instructors are ready to help you achieve your goals.

— Wayne Tyler
8th Degree Black Belt, World Champion, and Chief Instructor

Meet Our Wado Ryu Karate Instructors


Shihan Wayne Tyler

Wayne Tyler
8th Degree Black Belt

Miles Spence Sensei

Miles Spence Sensei
4th Degree Black Belt

Scott Sewell Sensei

Scott Sewell Sensei
3rd Degree Black Belt

Karate Instructor Jessie De Laby

Jessie De Laby
3rd Degree Black Belt

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